Social Studies Support Links

Go to this website and take the Immigration Test and see if you had any shot at becoming a citizen without being born here. After you and your group have taken this test, let me see your score.

Then you need to go and take this political quiz or this second political quizthat tells you which political party you would belong to. Take your time answering the questions and it will tell you which political party you are most closely associated with. This is important for when you begin to vote so you can make an informed decision.

After you have taken the political quiz, go to the Georgia National Parks website and read about each of the parks around here.
After you go to the first website, click here and learn some facts about climate change.
Next you need to go to this Climate Effects page and read about how climate change can affect different areas of country. Next you need to click on this link that will talk about some popular myths with climate change.

The last task you need to complete is to write a letter to your Congressman about what he needs to do to stop climate change. In your letter you should mention some of the facts you learned and why it is so important to help the environment. Turn in your letter to me for a grade when you are finished.