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I'm 16.
I drive a G6
I dye my hair a lot.
In the first picture is me with my dog, Amber.
Eric gave her to me, & I love her to death!
I don't like Kirsten & Heiley... Because they didn't mention me in their wiki's...
U.S History is my favorite class, but I hate this website.
It's literally taken me 45 minutes to get to this point.
& I can't figure out how to center my text, so this isn't as cute as it was intended to be. :(
I look forward to learning to use this website, & doing more glogs!
That's it.. I guess. :)

.He looks like he hates me.....................But he doesn't. :)

This photograph shows children being retained in one of manyconcentration camps during the Holocaust.Even though it's sad, & I don't always want to hear some of the stories.It has always interested meNewtonKassidyFacebook.bmp