The name be.. Heiley AnneMarie Dorrough.
My name use to be Heiley AnneMarie Mueller... But I was adopted & yada, yada, yada.
Long story short, I'm a Dorrough now.
I live with my mommy, daddy, brother & sister.
Chelsea, Abby, Kassidy & Kirsten are my bestfwendsssss. :)
I work at Chick-N-Run (also known as the running chicken!) in Jackson with Deer Skin..
& I play tennis. :)

Two things I look forward to learning/doing on the Wiki are Glogsters. I enjoyed doing that on the Summer assignment.
Another thing I would like to do is the assignments on here.
I like doing that because it is more organized.

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I chose this picture because I enjoy learning about how people were taught, and how they learned back in history.

This is my Facebook page for Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat!