♥ Fajr Qaadirah
♥ Junior
♥ Spanish, French, Arabic, American Sign Language, Sarcasm, Pig Latin
♥ Piano & Singing are my passion
♥ God is awesome
♥ (3-11-96)
♥ # 5,709,300,624
♥ Debate and Academic Team
♥ I like books :)
♥ Nerd/Geek/ Dweeb/ Dork
♥ Usher is my husband and Tupac is my soul mate :)
♥ 50's-90's = 1 Old school chick :)

tupac.jpg ♥ My soul mate :) Usher_4.jpg ♥ My TRUE first love :)

RSCN2110.JPG My beautiful self in my cardigan :)
external image lincoln-cabinet-emancipation-proclomation-550.jpg

This picture is the signing and reading of the Emancipation Proclomation on January 1,1865. This moment in history is important to me because- and I know this might be
biased- without this document, African-Americans would not have the freedom we do today and the 13th,14th, and 15th Ammendments would be pointless and irrelevant.