About me:
Hi, My name's Briana and I'm a devoted plague rat! I like video games, anime, manga(comics), playing instruments, and drawing. I listen to punk cabaret, victorian-dustrial and METAL! I plan on becoming a mortician and running my own funeral home one day.....yeah....that's all I feel like sharing...
2 things I'd like to go over:
WW2 and what's really in area 51.

Rather than just picking out a boring, still picture..I chose a clip from Hetalia to show you guys. Hetalia is an anime that's actually educational and revolves around the greatest countries in the world.
Kallie and Skyler LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ Cracker was her :) ♥
Remember..America is ALWAYS the hero!
However...you can't view the vid at school....sooo...here's a picture of the Hetalia crew

My FB project!! :D