Unit 01 - Colonization
Unit 02 - Wars for Empire
Unit 03 - Critical Period
Unit 04 - Growth & Disunion
Unit 05 - Civil War & Reconstruction
Unit 06 - Industry, Immigration and Westward Growth
Unit 07 - Progressivism & Imperialism
Unit 08 - WWI & Jazz Age
Unit 09 - Great Depression & New Deal
Unit 10 - Modern Era (Billy Joel Project)
Unit 11 - Civil Rights & Vietnam
Unit 12 - Warren Court

Wikispace Introduction Assignment - August 30th, 2011

1. Go to your particular page and write a simple introduction about yourself and 2 things you look forward to doing on the website.
2. Next you need to upload a historical picture to the wikispace server and place it on your page. Make sure you write under the picture why you selected the image and also ensure it is appropriate for the website. Please include what you know about the subject or why it fascinates you.
3. You do this by first finding a picture and saving it to your computer. Next rename the file to fit into the specified format for the website of LastnameFilename.jpg (Only upload .jpg .gif & .png image types to the wikiserver).
4. The next step to completing the assignment is done by clicking the "Manage Wiki" link in the top left and upload your file.
5. Lastly, go to your page and press the "Edit Page" button on the right and place the cursor where you want to upload your picture. Then select the insert file icon off of the task bar and find your file you uploaded (Remember: This shoud be easy since every file you upload starts with your last name) Once it uploads, size the picture and then hit save. Make sure it looks good or make adjustments by pressing edit again.

*Remember, the wikispace saves all history and you can undo and revert back to a previous form if you do not like what you see or if you don't know what happened. Sometimes the website acts funny if many uploads and edits are occurring simultaneously.